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A new Trojan horse for Mac OS X? | Graham Cluley’s blog

November 18, 2009

A new Trojan horse for Mac OS X? | Graham Cluley’s blog: “Welcome Login | RegisterGlobal websites    Press    About Us    Contact us

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A new Trojan horse for Mac OS X?

As Numaan points out on the SophosLabs blog, a ‘new’ Trojan horse for the Apple Mac OS X operating system has been discussed in the security community for the last few days.

For instance,

Trend Micro: New Malware Threatens Mac Users
Intego: Intego Issues Security Memo about New Variant of RSPlug Trojan Horse
SecuriTeam: OS X malware family has a new member: OSX.Lamzev.A
The Trojan horse is closely related to the OSX/RSPlug Trojan horse for Mac OS X that we have seen being distributed in the wild since November 2”

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