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Service cracks wireless passwords from the cloud

December 7, 2009

Service cracks wireless passwords from the cloud: “

135 million words in 20 minutes

A security researcher has unveiled a low-cost service for penetration testers that tests the security of wireless networks by running passwords against a 135-million-word dictionary.…

What is your recession sales strategy?

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RIM warns of BlackBerry server risk from PDFs – – formerly

December 5, 2009

Over on the post “RIM warns of BlackBerry server risk from PDFs – – formerly” contains this text:

“ – formerly

BlackBerry users are being warned about accessing PDF files
RIM warns of BlackBerry server risk from PDFs
New flaw puts mobiles and servers in danger of attack
Iain Thomson in San Francisco, 04 Dec 2009
Research in Motion (RIM) has issued a security alert warning of a new attack vector targeting its software.

BlackBerry users are being warned about accessing PDF files after RIM discovered flaws in the BlackBerry Attachment “

Hackers Crack GSM Encryption For Full Access To Private Phone Calls | BrickHouse Security Blog

November 27, 2009

Hackers Crack GSM Encryption For Full Access To Private Phone
Hackers Crack GSM Encryption For Full Access To Private Phone Calls
Published on 28 August 2009 by Jimmy Bosch in Security News

If you think that your phone calls are safe from third parties, you may want to think again. Members from the hacking group called The Chaos Computer Club plan to release a code that will supposedly give hackers complete access to your private phone calls. They claim that it can be done with a simple laptop and an antenna.

They also claim that various government criminal organizations already use this technique to break the encryption that protects your calls. GSM uses algorithms for key generation, authentication, and to encrypt its connections. The Chaos Computer Club has found a way to crack the encrypt”

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Tool for hacking jailbroken iPhones discovered | Graham Cluley’s blog

November 11, 2009

Tool for hacking jailbroken iPhones discovered | Graham Cluley’s blog:

« Duck savages Ikee iPhone worm author »
Tool for hacking jailbroken iPhones discovered
According to The Register and others, a tool which allows hackers to break into jailbroken iPhones and steal information has been discovered.

Following closely in the footsteps of the first iPhone worm (known as Ikee) which hunted for jailbroken iPhones running SSH which were still using the default password of ‘alpine’, the hacking tool reportedly allows criminals to steal emails, contacts, calendars and other data stored on the device.

Sophos has not yet received a sample of the hacking tool, which was first reported by French Mac security compan”

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The iPhone’s First Worm | HostExploit News

November 10, 2009

The iPhone’s First Worm | HostExploit News: ”    TUESDAY NOV 10

The iPhone’s First Worm

Monday, 09 November 2009 17:13

Over the weekend, researchers at cybersecurity firms Sophos and F-Secure detected the worl”

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USB stick security flaw puts data at risk

November 2, 2009

USB stick security flaw puts data at risk

Security firm warns of imminent threat to sensitive information

By David Neal

USB sticks have been found to contain a significant security flaw which could be exploited to break into millions of computers around the world, according to researchers at MWR InfoSecurity.

The UK firm claimed that the flaw could allow the creation of USB sticks that “interrogate a computer and download the contents”.

The researchers added that such devices are just months away from development, and are likely to be used by malevolent and sophisticated criminals to steal the contents of entire hard drives.

“What millions of us have seen in countless James Bond and other spy thrillers around the world has now taken a step closer to being realised,” said Alex Fidgen, commercial director at MWR InfoSecurity.

“The bad guy plugging a small device into the system and removing sensitive data is no longer theoretical. It is possible.”

Criminals could exploit a flaw in the driver software of USB devices to take control of systems and steal information. Fidgen claimed that MWR InfoSecurity has been concerned about these security implications for some time.

“Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated, and business is under threat. Up until now people have felt secure in the knowledge that a simple USB stick could not copy their information without their permission. We have proved that it is not the case,” he said.

The firm claimed that it has already cracked one operating system using its tools, and is now turning its attention to others. Fidgen added that the researchers had built the hack to raise awareness of the security issues, and had shared their findings with the UK government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

GeoHot Jailbreaks all Devices on 3.1

October 7, 2009

GeoHot Jailbreaks all Devices on 3.1: “

##ICON_NAME## GeoHot, the developer of the purplera1n jailbreak, has just added an entry to his blog and this is what it says;

‘And prepare to meet the program that will jailbreak them all. ’

Yep, you got it, he apparently has found a jailbreak that will work with all iPhones and all iPod touches on the 3.1 firmware.

He also says, ‘no affiliation to greenpois0n. and it’s in some ways the complete opposite of purplera1n. but still 10 seconds. and may work for every version of software *ever*, based on the prettiness of the exploit’

We will keep our eye out for more info.


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Apple iPhone OS 3.1 Phishing Protection Falling Short, Researchers Say

October 3, 2009

Apple iPhone OS 3.1 Phishing Protection Falling Short, Researchers Say: ”

Network Security & Hardware – eWeek

Half of all iPhone Users do Mobile Banking Today, Nearly Half of all Mobile Phone users will do Mobile Banking in 2014

September 29, 2009

Half of all iPhone Users do Mobile Banking Today, Nearly Half of all Mobile Phone users will do Mobile Banking in 2014: “

With iPhones poised for broader network rollout, mobile devices are changing consumers’ banking habits to ‘always on’

San Francisco, CA, September 9, 2009 – Javelin Strategy & Research ( today released a report indicating that mobile banking is quickly moving from a ‘techie’ to mainstream capability that is changing how consumers manage their finances today, which in turn will change how consumers pay for goods in the future. The report, 2009 Mobile-Banking and Smartphone Forecast , examines services offered by carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. The report also features five-year forecasts for mobile-banking usage that documents the growing availability of mobile banking at everyday financial institutions.

‘Mobile banking is quickly moving from infancy to commonplace, which will help separate the winners from losers in banks’ ability to attract and keep technology-loving consumers,’ said Mary Monahan, Research Director and Managing Partner. ‘Consumers are hungry for the ‘always-on’ and ‘real time’ ability to monitor and manage their money, and mobile banking serves that need better than any other.’

The Javelin report also covers general smartphone adoption, which is a secondary factor driving mobile banking, and the race to develop the basic thin-client capabilities that Javelin calls ‘wrapper applications’ to integrate financial services into mobile online sites.

Key Findings of the Javelin 2009 Mobile-Banking and Smartphone Forecast

  • Nearly half of mobile-phone owners currently have access to mobile banking today.
  • By 2014, 45% of mobile-phone users will actually use mobile banking.
  • 99 million U.S. adults will conduct mobile banking transactions at least once per year by 2014 – with 52% of mobile-phone users relying on smartphones.
  • Mobile banking will rival online banking, with the former used as a ‘remote control’ and the latter as a detailed form of control panel for more complex transactions.
  • AT&T has the highest number of mobile bankers due to the iPhone’s influence, while Verizon Wireless has the lowest penetration for mobile bankers among the top tier U.S. wireless carriers.

‘Mobile banking is quickly becoming an essential consumer capability,’ said Mark Schwanhausser, Financial Services Channels Analyst. ‘Just as the iPod changed the music industry and their business models, our data shows that iPhone users are changing the banking industry by leading the way in monitoring and managing finances through mobile devices.’

To arrange an interview with Ms. Monahan or Mr. Schwanhausser and/or view research on this topic (available to qualified members of the press), please contact Crystal Mendoza at +1.925.225.9100 ext. 35 or

About Javelin Strategy & Research

Javelin provides superior direction on key facts and forces that materially determine the success of customer-facing financial services, payments and security initiatives. Our advantages are rigorous process, independent position, and expert people. For more information about this or other Javelin reports, please visit or contact Elizabeth Travers at (925) 225-9100 ext. 31 or

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Mobile-Phone Banking: Convenient and Safe?

September 29, 2009