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Bank Of America Employee Charged for Plotting to Deploy ATM Code for Theft

April 7, 2010

Bank Of America Employee Charged for Plotting to Deploy ATM Code for Theft: “An AP newswire article by Mike Baker, via The Sun News, reports:

A Bank of America Corp. employee plotted to deploy malicious computer code within the company’s systems so that ATM machines would dispense cash without any record of a transaction, federal prosecutors allege in court documents.

Rodney Reed Caverly was tasked with maintaining and designing computer systems at the bank, including computers that conducted ATM transactions. Prosecutors in the western district of North Carolina said he sought to use computer code within the company’s protected computers so that the ATMs would make fraudulent disbursements.

Caverly was able to obtain more than $5,000 during a seven-month period in 2009, prosecutors allege.

The details of Caverly’s case were filed on Thursday in a ‘bill of information’ document, which typically signals that a plea deal is forthcoming. An attorney for Caverly, Christopher Fialko, declined to comment. Federal prosecutors didn’t return a phone call.

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French tax-fraud investigators have stolen Swiss bank data

December 10, 2009

French tax-fraud investigators have stolen Swiss bank data: “

An employee for the Swiss bank HSBC in Geneva stole data from thousands of secret bank accounts and handed the information to French tax-fraud investigators, the daily Le Parisien reported Wednesday. This alleged data theft may have been the source for the list of 3,000 owners of secret Swiss bank accounts that French Budget Minister Eric Woerth said in August were being investigated for tax fraud.

The former HSBC employee, whom Le Parisien named Antoine, was a manager in the bank’s computer services department and currently lives in France under a false identity. The accounts cracked by Antoine reportedly include those of a well-known French comedian and several politicians, a source close to the investigation told Le Parisien. Some accounts were listed under codes that suggested they belonged to intelligence services. Other accounts belonged to Colombian nationals and ‘Chinese authorities,’ the source said.

In a first reaction, HSBC confirmed that data had been stolen, but said it involved ‘not more than 10 clients’ and that the ‘data are old and not sensitive.’ In August, Woerth said he had obtained a list of 3,000 French citizens who held secret accounts in Swiss banks worth some 3 billion euros (4.42 billion dollars). At the time, Swiss authorities accused him of having obtained the information illegally. But he claimed

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Toshiba worker arrested for selling copy limit busting SW

November 30, 2009

Toshiba worker arrested for selling copy limit busting SW: “

You can’t do that in Japan

A Toshiba employee in Japan has been arrested for selling copy limit breaking software, letting buyers copy digital TV programmes on Japanese recording and playback products as much as they liked.…

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T-Mobile UK employees sold customer data

November 26, 2009

T-Mobile UK employees sold customer data: ”

Workers at T-Mobile UK have been selling customer data to brokers who work for the competition, T-Mobile and the U.K.’s Information Commissioner’s Office said on Tuesday.

In an announcement from the ICO, the agency does not name the operator involved, but T-Mobile acknowledged that it alerted ICO about the data breach.
Employees sold details about customers’ contracts, including the date that their contracts end, to brokers, according to the ICO. T-Mobile competitors bought the information and then called customers prior to the expiration of their contracts to offer them deals with the new operator, ICO alleges.

Congressional Documents Leaked on P2P Service

November 2, 2009

Congressional Documents Leaked on P2P Service: “Materials from House ethics committee studies were posted online for distribution on a P2P network.

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Seventy percent of financial institutions in the past 12 months have had cases of insider fraud, new survey says

October 9, 2009

A case for internal Network Segmentation and role-based access-control?

Seventy percent of financial institutions in the past 12 months have had cases of insider fraud, new survey says: “‘A former Wachovia Bank executive who had handled insider fraud incidents says banks are in denial about just how massive the insider threat problem is within their institutions. Meanwhile, the economic crisis appears to be exacerbating the risk, with 70 percent of financial institutions saying they have experienced a case of data theft by one of their employees in the past 12 months, according to new survey data.’

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DuPont Alleges Second Insider Breach In Two Years

September 30, 2009

DuPont Alleges Second Insider Breach In Two Years: “DuPont claims former employee was headed to China with company secrets”

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