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Health Net slow to tell members of security breach

March 16, 2011

Health Net slow to tell members of security breach: “”

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Attorney General Says Health Net Security Breach Concerns Worsen After Report Reveals Breach …

December 10, 2009

Attorney General Says Health Net Security Breach Concerns Worsen After Report Reveals Breach …: “

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said he is deeply troubled by an investigative report on the Health Net security breach that acknowledges a missing disk drive containing private financial and health information on hundreds of thousands of citizens was likely stolen.

Blumenthal is seeking more details from Health Net about its massive security breach, as well as details about two laptops that were also apparently stolen from Health Net’s Shelton office.

Blumenthal is also requesting federal criminal authorities to investigate this potential theft, which could have national ramifications.

‘An independent investigative report shreds Health Nets sanitized story — revealing that this severe security breach was most likely a theft, and that two laptops were also stolen from Health Nets facility at virtually the same time,’ Blumenthal said. ‘This report dramatizes Health Nets unconscionable delay in notifying law enforcement and its customers about this breach.

‘These alarming revelations require immediate investigation by federal criminal authorities as well as intensified state efforts. This unprecedented breach is a privacy breach perfect storm demanding heightened scrutiny because it involves sensitive financial and health information on thousands of Health Net consumers.

‘Health Nets

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Electronic health records could be a deadly target during a cyberwar

November 24, 2009

Electronic health records could be a deadly target during a cyberwar: “

Most health officials worry about hackers stealing sensitive information such as an AIDS diagnosis from someones electronic medical record, but a technology manager for a health care system in the Pacific Northwest said its just as likely the digital files could be a target of terrorists or a nation state during war Countries have invested millions of dollars in computer systems to conduct a cyberwar against the United States ‘and the best way to do that is to destabilize the population,’ said Chad Skidmore, director of network services for Inland Northwest Health Services, a network of 34 hospitals in Spokane, Wash. To do that, hackers could infiltrate health systems to change patient records so misinformation will lead to deadly consequences. Skidmore, speaking on Friday before a health IT standards committee organized by the Health and Human Services Department, said what ‘keeps me up night and fairly scared’ is that an attacker could get into a system and, for example, change data fields that indicate patients who have an allergy to penicillin do not have an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. About 400 patients in the United States die each year from penicillin allergies, according to the Web site Wrong Diagnosis. Skidmore said an adversary could manipulate other patient information such as blood types. Compounding his fears are findings that show health care organizations are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than other groups because the health care industry invests less in information

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