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Shell’s employee database breached: 170,000 records compromised

February 16, 2010

Shell's employee database breached: 170,000 records compromised: “Oil giant Shell was unpleasantly surprised when it received news of a database containing contact information of some 170,000 of their workers having been emailed to seven non-governmental groups and …”

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US oil industry hit by cyberattacks: Was China involved? / The Christian Science Monitor –

January 26, 2010

US oil industry hit by cyberattacks: Was China involved? / The Christian Science Monitor –
Iraq’s Rumaila oil field: A key target of 2008 cyberattacks on US oil and gas companies ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, and Marathon was exploration ‘bid data’ that provides critical details about new energy discoveries.

Atef Hassan/Reuters

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By Mark Clayton Staff writer / January 25, 2010

At least three US oil companies were the target of a series of previously undisclosed cyberattacks that may have originated in China and that experts say highlight a new level of sophisticati”

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Fergie’s Tech Blog: SCADA Watch: PG&E Lawsuit Spreads Down Smart Grid Supply Chain

November 18, 2009

Fergie’s Tech Blog: SCADA Watch: PG&E Lawsuit Spreads Down Smart Grid Supply Chain: ”
fergie’s tech blog
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
SCADA Watch: PG&E Lawsuit Spreads Down Smart Grid Supply Chain
Camille Ricketts writes on VentureBeat:

Last week, [it was] reported [about] the lawsuit being filed against Pacific Gas & Electric for price hikes seemingly caused by installation of smart meters in the Bakersfield area of California. Now the plaintiff’s attorneys say that PG&E’s suppliers should also be sued — a who’s who of Smart Grid companies including General Electric, meter maker Landis+Gyr and communications provider Silver Spring Networks.

The original plaintiff, Bakersfield resident Pete Flores, filed the suit after his electric bill tripled fro $200 to $600 a month — right after having a new smart meter installed in his home. Objecting that PG&E described the meter as a money-saving device, he decided to sue for fraudulent advertising, negligence and unjust enrichment.

Wrapping up Landis+Gyr in a lawsuit — considering it’s one of the biggest and most respected me”

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Slashdot News Story | Hackers Broke Into Brazil Grid Last Thursday

November 18, 2009

Slashdot News Story | Hackers Broke Into Brazil Grid Last Thursday:

The New Threat to Oil Supplies: Hackers | Foreign Policy

October 3, 2009

The New Threat to Oil Supplies: Hackers | Foreign Policy: ”

OCTOBER 3, 2009
The New Threat to Oil Supplies: Hackers
Offshore drilling rigs are increasingly computer-dependent and remote-controlled. That could make them vulnerable to attacks from hackers from around the globe.


Earlier this year, a sullen, 28-year-old contractor in California was charged in federal court with sabotaging the computerized controls on oil-rig sitting off the coast, allegedly out of spite for not being hired full time. Prosecutors say the contractor hacked into a shore-to-rig communications network that, among other functions, detected oil leaks. He caused thousands of dollars worth of damage, they charge, though, fortunately, no leaks. 

A research team from the SINTEF Group, an independent Norwegian think tank, recently warned oil companies worldwide that offshore oil rigs are making themselves particularly “

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First Draft of a Framework for Building a Smart Grid Unveiled

September 29, 2009

First Draft of a Framework for Building a Smart Grid Unveiled: “Via

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has unveiled the first draft of a Smart Grid framework that lays the foundation for a secure, interoperable, next-generation power distribution system.

The report, titled ‘Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards, Release 1.0’ and developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, identifies about 80 existing standards that apply to the development of the new grid infrastructure, and outlines steps to address key gaps remaining to be addressed.

‘The Smart Grid will ultimately require hundreds of standards,’ the framework says. ‘Some are more urgently needed than others,’ because equipment such as smart meters that can monitor residential power use and provide data back to the utility, already are being deployed. The current report ‘is only the beginning of an ongoing process that is needed to create the full set of standards that will be needed to manage their evolution in response to new requirements and technologies.’

The framework is the product of the first phase of an aggressive three-phase program by NIST to establish Smart Grid standards by the end of the year.


NIST’s three-phase approach to standards development is:

  • Develop a consensus among utilities, equipment suppliers, consumers, standards developers and other stakeholders on needed standards; and producing a Smart Grid architecture, an initial set of standards to support implementation and plans for developing remaining standards by early fall;
  • Finalization of today’s report after a 30 day comment period will complete this phase;
  • Launch formal partnerships to develop the remaining needed standards; and
  • Develop a program for testing and certification to ensure that Smart Grid equipment and systems comply with standards;

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