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Cybersecurity task force established

December 10, 2009

Cybersecurity task force established: “

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has set up a bi-partisan taskforce on cybersecurity to evaluate potential online threats and provide recommendations for action to the US intelligence community.

The cybersecurity taskforce, which will be chaired by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, is expected to complete its review by June 2010. The aim is to evaluate how the country can better coordinate its defenses against the growing challenge posed by cyberespionage, cyberterrorism and cyberwarfare, an issue that has been of mounting concern to the administration as it concentrates on the cybersecurity threat to the US.

The review is the second to take place this year. Following a security breach at the Federal Aviation Administration, President Obama launched a 60-day cybersecurity review and released a broad five-point plan in late May to try to tackle the issue more effectively.

The plan included the creation of a new cyber-czar position to devise, co-ordinate and manage cybersecurity strategy across different government agencies. President Obama said he would personally choose who would fill the cyber-czar position and give whoever was appointed regular access to the Oval Office.

But critics have criticized the role’s lack of teeth. Any appointee to the cyber-czar role would not report directly to the President and would

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FCC forms cyber security group

November 27, 2009

FCC forms cyber security group: “November 27, 2009 | Follow TG Daily: TWITTER FACEBOOK RSS