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Second-hand ATM trade opens up fraud risk • The Register

November 18, 2009

Second-hand ATM trade opens up fraud risk • The Register: ”
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Second-hand ATM trade opens up fraud risk
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Craigslist cash machine contains 1,000 card numbers
By John Leyden • Get more from this author

Posted in ID, 18th November 2009 18:23 GMT
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Second-hand ATM machines containing sensitive transaction data are easily available for purchase on eBay or even Craiglist, according to an investigation by a US-based security consultant.

Robert Siciliano, a security consultant to and personal ID theft expert, was able to buy an ATM machine through Craigslist for $750 from a bar in Boston. The previous owners hadn’t taken the trouble to clear out the data stored by the machines, making it possible for Siciliano to easily extract a log of hundreds of credit and debit card acco”

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