Zeus: Same Criminal, New Spam Infrastructure


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Zeus: Same Criminal, New Spam Infrastructure
Last week, one of the most long-lived malware spam delivery systems, which the anti-phishing community knew as ‘Avalanche’ went off-line. After sending spam almost non-stop for many months, no spam at all has been received from the ‘Avalanche’ group, which has been used since June to deliver a variety of Zeus or Zbot infectors, including scams pretending to be MySpace, Facebook, the FDIC, the IRS, NACHA, a Microsoft Outlook Update, and other scams.

Last night a new spam campaign began using a new scam to spread malware. A sample of the email looks like this:
We recorded a payment request from ‘Amy’s Kitchen’ to enable the charge of $94.71 on your account.

The payment is pending for the moment.

If you made this transaction or if you just authorize this payment, please ignore or remove this email message. The transaction will be shown o”

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