4 threats that scare CISOs


Chief information security officers answer 4 burning questions

6 chief information security officers share how they plan to keep government data and computers safe in the face of constantly changing risks, red tape and tight budgets

By John Moore

Nov 16, 2009

Unto the breach—that’s the everyday reality for the government chief information security officer, arguably one of the most difficult yet important jobs in government IT.

When the CISO title first started appearing on agency organization charts about seven years ago, the job was largely a paper-pushing exercise, focused on gathering data on the security of agency systems and rolling it into an annual report to Congress, as required by the Federal Information Security Management Act.

So what do CISOs need to do to make sure that security gets its due? What problems do they see coming, and how do they plan to address them with limited resources?

To discuss these and other important issues, contributing editor John Moore set up a virtual round table with five current and one former government CISOs. All participants received each question by e-mail and were invited to respond to one another’s answers.


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