BackTrack4 Uses IPv6 to Cover Tracks


BackTrack4 Uses IPv6 to Cover Tracks

Security assessment toolkit uses Miredo as back-channel

By Scott Hogg on Mon, 11/23/09

This past week I was working on performing a security assessment and I was using the latest version of BackTrack 4. I noticed that it has Miredo support to help auditors establish a secret IPv6 back-channel to their exploited systems. This shows that the security community is recognizing how IPv6 can be used as a backdoor to owned systems.

Let’s face it; IPv6 deployments haven’t been as numerous as many of us would have hoped. Several years ago we were expecting that at the end of 2009 migration to IPv6 would be in full motion. However, the fact that IPv6 is still fairly obscure to most security administrators means that is can fly under the radar of most organizations. However, IPv6 is starting to gain the attention of hackers as a means of creating a covert channel to compromised systems.


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