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RFID EncryptaKey | RFID World: ”

NXP NFC In 8GB Pocket Payment System

By Laurie Sullivan

RFID World
(10/01/2007 11:34 PM EDT)

Did you bring home malware, viruses or keyloggers from your last business trip?
EncryptaKey claims to have the answer to keep files, applications and computers healthy. The Cypress, Calif.-company designed an 8-megabyte key fob, complete with microprocessor, non-writable embedded operating system, biometric authentication, and near field communication (NFC) technology payment system.

The fob provides access to data on multiple platforms — Windows, Macintosh or Linux — and protects the content with advanced encryption standard (AES), 128- to 512-bit keys.

After plugging the fob into the PC’s USB port, EncryptaKey checks for device drivers. If the fob doesn’t have the drivers loaded, it will load them to the key automatic”

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