Find and Register Domain Names for Local Businesses Using GeoDomain Map from Godaddy!


Don’t they think the criminals can do this too? Make the malware/phishing domains even more appealing?

Find and Register Domain Names for Local Businesses Using GeoDomain Map from Godaddy!: “

Godaddy LogoWith everything going local from a search to shopping to selling to dating to, well you get the point! It was time for the process of registering domain to go local!

I have been a customer for a long long time, superbowl ads being one of the reasons ;)

I am sure with the newly launched a lot of you are about to become customers unless you check the availability on and buy the domains with your existing domain registrar.

So what’s tool from is all about?

is a map based approach to registering local . All you got to do is either browse the map to dwell into the local area you are interested into or simply enter an area code. Also, it lets you add keywords as filters which help you find the domain you are looking for.

Click on the image below to see an enlarged version


As you can see above the orange-brown balloons carry the which are available for registration and the green balloons with the domains names that are up for auction.

For example I clicked on one of the balloon to find out is available for registration. This domain can be used to put up a local business directory for UnionCity.

Advance search option lets you search using the area code and keyword for more and refined results.

It also lets you select the domain extensions you want to see in the results.

This tool will certainly cut the frustration involved in registering a domain and help the local businesses find what they are looking for easily.

Click here to check it out.

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(Via Technology Nerd.)


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