hpHosts Blog: Crimeware friendly ISP’s: Bigness (AS49093)


hpHosts Blog: Crimeware friendly ISP’s: Bigness (AS49093): ”

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Crimeware friendly ISP’s: Bigness (AS49093)
I was trying to decide who to name and shame next, and it was a toss up between Bigness (AS49093), Ecatel and Krypt Technologies. I thought this time, we’d go with Bigness and leave Ecatel and Krypt Technologies for next time.

Bigness came across the radar a few months ago, due to it’s hosting a slew of malicious domains, and ONLY hosting malicious domains (I’ve not seen a single legit site hosted there in all of the time I’ve been monitoring it).

So what have we got over there you ask? Well, we’ve had rogues, phishing scams, fake meds, spam, and exploits, and there’s evidence over at MDL, of their also housing the likes of the Liberty Exploit, amongst other things.


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