Do AntiVirus Products Detect Bots?


FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab: Do AntiVirus Products Detect Bots?: “FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab
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Do AntiVirus Products Detect Bots?

Less than half the time in practice. 

At least if you believe the results of a quick study I just spent the last few days doing.  

Let me first introduce myself, since I’m hoping to now devote a fraction of my effort to blogging here to augment Atif and the rest of the reseach team’s efforts over the last year.  I’m Stuart Staniford, the Chief Scientist here at FireEye.   Prior to FireEye, I have a long history in the intrusion detection field, starting in the research arena at UC Davis back in 1994, and then doing a variety of research projects with a small government contractor I started called Silicon Defense (you can see my research here).  I’ve been working for various Silicon Valley security companies (mainly as a consultant) since 2004.  I'”

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